What do I do now?

I’ve set a one hour timer. I decided to give myself some time this weekend to begin gardening. I mean that both literally and metaphorically. You are probably familiar with literal gardening, so I’ll spare you most of the details about that. …

Henry Sotelo is a lawyer and law professor in Reno, Nevada who approached me after he decided he would like to run for an elected position as a municipal court justice.

Henry had never campaigned for an elected position before and was in need of a cohesive campaign brand look and an online presence.

I start by developing a logo. It included elements such as the Nevada silver star (Nevada is the Silver State), elements from the American flag and a smooth serif font.

Driving engagement in the web

I built a website for Henry with a strong emphasis on family values, diversity and his qualifications.

The website proved to be Henry’s strongest tool for outreach and driving contributions to the campaign. I also created some other general purpose design assets for signage and social media.

Redesigning a view in the MortarStone donor development platform

The existing UI was not intuitive

We found that many users were overwhelmed by the option icons on the right of each team record. Most users had trouble identifying what these options did.

MortarStone’s legacy teams view

The prospects column was also too ambiguous. Many users had trouble deciphering what the numbers separated by slashes meant. The MortarStone team explained…

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